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New Sound System at Cervantes’ Other Side Delivers a Crisper and More Balanced Sound

From Westword Magazine:

Have you been to Cervantes Other Side recently? If so, you may have noticed a drastic change in the sound coming from the stage. Last night we found some downtime during the Asher Roth show at the Other Side to chat with Shrink, Cervantes’ production manager, and he filled us in on the recent sound system upgrade, particularly on how the new system delivers a crisp, more balanced sound throughout the venue.

“What we originally had for this stage was called ‘axis,” Shrink noted, describing the previous speaker system. “It was what’s called ‘point-source.’ So, it was two speakers on each side hanging from the ceiling, and what we’ve moved to now is audio-technic, D&B, which is one of the newer speaker companies on the scene.”

“We worked with Ryan Knutson from Brown Note Productions, who helped us get everything together,” said Shrink. Compared to the new hanging stacks and subs, the old system hardly matches up, evidently. According to Shrink, the new D&B Audiotechnik system consists of three speakers hanging at each side of the stage, coupled with two D&B J-subs below the stage. The J-subs each house three 18-inch subwoofers, with one pointing backwards to cancel the low-end frequencies from the stage, while the other two point out to blast the bass into the crowd.

The difference is very noticeable, and if you haven’t made it out to the Other Side recently, then we recommend getting over there to hear the new sound. “You’re hearing frequencies in here now that you could never hear before,” Shrink pointed out. “So now we kind of fight to be work this system. It’s just amazing.” We certainly think so.