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Brown Note Productions is looking for driven production interns to join our team!

General Description:

Brown Note Productions provides volunteers and unpaid interns the opportunity to experience real world behind the scenes production. We are a full service Lighting, Video & Audio Production Company who would like to work with people who are interested in learning production and willing to help and do whatever it takes to make sure any show is a success. The primary responsibility is to learn about production in a warehouse environment and to help the warehouse run as efficiently as possible by assisting the staff as needed. You will gain the real world experience to be able to start in the industry. This opportunity will reward the effort you put into it!

Duties and Responsibilities (daily):
• Arrive on time
• Make sure to check in directly to the Warehouse
• Daily tasks will change based on events
• Sweeping, cleaning gear, painting, and taking out the trash
• Organizing
• Learning to prep Lighting/Video & Audio Systems
• Learning Signal Flow in Audio Systems
• Learning how to cable for Audio, Lighting & Video systems
• Labeling importance and how the Company does it right
• Rigging
• Stacking Cases
• Truck packing
• Soldering
• Loom cables
• Setting up & Tipping a console
• Learn about Stage Direction
• Learn about Power and how to use if safely
• Learn and follow Safety Rules
• Learn skills that you can apply to show’s “on the road”

• Basic Trouble shooting skills – Be able to think clearly, especially under pressure
• A desire to learn new things and be willing to do what it takes to get the job done
• Eagerness and the passion to dive into new experiences and approach each day with an open mind
• Be able to keep your head down while working hard
• Be able to follow processes and to lead by example

Reporting Relationships:
Reports to: Operations Manager, Warehouse Staff, Lighting & Audio Managers, and whoever you are assigned to for the day

Required Qualifications:
At least a 3-month commitment ranging from April through October. Minimum one to two shifts per week at six hours per shift (9am to 3pm). We need a set schedule during the summer months.

Physical Requirements:
Duties require lifting and/or carrying of objects weighing up to 75 pounds. Must be able to climb stairs and work on your feet for at least 8 hours in a day. Employee must be in suitable physical shape to meet these requirements and alert the Warehouse staff immediately if he or she becomes unable to do so. If you are injured we need to know for safety precautions.

Additional Qualifications:
Volunteers and interns should arrive at the internship program rested, nourished, alert, and physically fit… ready to go! You are expected to be a creative problem solver as well as possess a strong and positive attitude regarding customer service, striving to provide a high quality production experience through every action taken.

Additionally, it is a policy at BNP, Inc. that all communication, written and verbal, be open, honest and respectful between all employees, vendors, and clients. Any communications that are more “challenging” should be verbal rather than written, using a supervisor or HR as a third party mediator if necessary. This is an essential part of how we operate on a daily basis, and a crucial element in how we approach conflict resolution. Success in production is often measured by the extreme nature of the difficulties overcome. Demanding physical requirements of the program are part of the real world experience of the industry. As a company, we will strive to make the nature of the production business the best that we can be, but we expect each and every person to step up to the challenge, to be ready, willing and able. 

Please contact Recruiting at Brown Note Productions, Inc if you are interested in our Internship Program.

Call (303) 665-9586 or email

We look forward to meeting you and thank you!