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BNP Adds Brand New DiGiCo SD12 Consoles to Inventory

Brown Note Productions just added the brand new DiGiCo SD12 to our line up of DiGiCo consoles. The SD12 was just revealed in 2017 and joins the SD11 and SD10 as DiGiCo’s newest console in the series. The SD12 features 72 input channels with full processing, 36 aux/grp busses with full processing, a 12×8 Matrix with full processing, LR / LRC bus, 12 FX processors, 16 Graphic EQs, 119 Dynamic EQs, 119 Multiband Compressors, 119 DiGiTubes, and 12 Control Groups. The SD12 is equipped with SD Series Stealth Core 2 software, making it compatible with all other SD models.

Brown Note Productions received these brand new consoles in March and immediately sent them out on the road with Gregory Alan Isakov and Nathaniel Rateliff Spring Tours.

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The SD12 is set to raise the bar in terms of what users will now expect from a compact, affordable, multi- application digital console. Not only is SD12 a true sonic powerhouse, it also benefits from dual 15-inch touch screens, never before seen on a console in this price bracket, and is the first in the SD Range with built-in recording interfaces; which makes Virtual Soundchecking very straightforward indeed. Furthermore, the SD12 now includes a DVI output, for an overview of the console. New LED meters allow for a brighter, faster operation, and the SD12 Lightbar is identical to that of the SD5 and flagship SD7 consoles. And guess what? We even had space for two assignable master faders – only previously seen on the larger DiGiCo consoles – as well as dual DMI Slots, perfect for expandability.