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L-Acoustics Speaker Systems

L-Acoustics Speaker Systems

Brown Note Productions offers world class audio systems from L-Acoustics. L-Acoustics is known as the inventor of modern line source arrays. L-Acoustics has always been a leader in acoustic innovation, from their research on Wavefront Sculpture Technology to their V-DOSC system. Brown Note Productions offers L-Acoustic speaker systems for live concerts, tours, music festivals and corporate events from stadiums to breakout rooms. Contact us to learn more about how BNP can deliver your vision with L-Acoustics technology.

L-Acoustics System Control



L-Acoustics Loudspeakers

  • K-Series – K1

    Large format WST Line Source
    Long throw – beyond 35m
    K transducer configuration
    State of the art rigging system
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  • K-Series – K2

    Variable Curvature Line Source
    Long throw – beyond 35m
    10° inter-element flexibility
    12” compact and flexible format
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  • K-Series – Kara

    Modular WST line source
    Long throw – beyond 35m
    Extended LF resources
    110° horizontal directivity
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  • ARCS-Series – ARCS II

    Constant Curvature WST Line Source
    Medium throw – 35m
    K1 grade components
    Optimized for high SPL
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  • P-Series – 108P

    Self-Powered Compact Coaxial
    Short throw – 15m
    FOH, fill, monitor versatility
    Compact and portable
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L-Acoustics Subwoofers